Поездка в датскую школу Хёреп. Ноябрь 2012 г.




Autumn holidays in Denmark.

All pupils enjoy autumn holiday very much. It is a great pleasure to have a rest after 2 months of study. This autumn holiday I spent in Denmark. We were in Sønderborg and in Copenhagen.

In Sønderborg we visited Hoerup Central Skole and met with our Danish friends. It was very interesting for me to see how my age mates lived and studied. Together with my Danish friends I had a Math test and a meeting with the school counsel. We had a walk in the old town and at the waterfront. We also had a short walk around the castle. We had a trip to Toender, Moegeltoender and to the seaside. I was really impressed and delighted by all these events. We also had a party at school on our last day in Sønderborg. The most interesting and useful for me was the opportunity to stay with Danish friends. I stayed with the family of Andrea Holmer for the 1st two days, and the last two days I lived with the family of Caroline Schultz. It was very interesting to learn how they live, how they spent their time. I look forward to meeting my new friends from Denmark here in Russia.

We also spent 3 days in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I liked this city very much. It seemed to me a cosy city with winding streets and beautiful buildings. We were in the Museum of Hans Christian Anderson, who was a very famous Danish author; we visited the Museum “Believe it or Not”; we saw the symbol of Copenhagen – the sculpture of The Little Mermaid; we also saw the changing of the guard.

I did not even notice when the time came for us to return home. The time flew very quickly. It was a wonderful rest.

Liza Tutova, 6 A Form.

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